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BCWF - BC Wildlife Federation

PITA - Pacific International Trapshooting Association

NFA - National Firearms Association

CCFR - Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

B.C. Target Sports Association

BC GOV Hunting Synopsis - Will not be coming out on paper.

BC GOV Fishing Synopsis - Will not be coming out on paper.

Canadian Gun Nutz  - Information, buy/sell and trade and lots of banter about all things guns.  There is even a ladies only forum!!!

IPSC - BC's IPSC pistol shooting website.  Check it out for any information you may want about the sport!!

Terrace Rod and Gun Club

Prince George Rod and Gun Club

Quesnel Rod and Gun Club

Canadian Shooting Sports Association



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If you have any questions, or want more information, please phone an executive member

Executive Members

President and Trap Committee: Greg Zavaduk

Vice President: Frank Guillon

Treasurer: Kelly Meers

Secretary & Memberships: Nicole Winterhalder


          Chuck Braun

         Ron Donnelly

         Dave Hooper

         Frank Guillon  

         Brant Hodson

         Stoney Stoltenberg

         John Rebagliati

         Tom Smith

         Lance Winterhalder

         Steven Zavaduk



    Wildlife Committee - inc. Skeena Wildlife Harvest Advisory Committee - Tom Smith 847-4125

    Trap Committee - Greg Zavaduk 877-0997

CORE and PAL courses

        Frank McDonald  250-845-7030

Hall Rental

Larry Hartwell (250) 847-0535


Feel free to contact us!!


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           Nicole Winterhalder just click on the email contact.

Mailing Address

Bulkley Valley Rod & Gun Club
Box 2976
Smithers, BC  Canada 
V0J 2N0

Club Location

We are located at the base of the beautiful Hudson Bay Mountain with access at 7091 Kroeker Road.  Head West on Highway 16 and turn left on the first Lake Kathlyn Road, stay on that road untill you get to Kroeker Road (on the left, if you cross the tracks twice you have gone to far!!).  Stay on Kroeker Road (will go to the left) until you see our signs on the left.  Gates are locked so make sure you have your membership and key!!